Forex MACD Sample Consultant

This Forex MACD Sample market consultant is one of the simplest and primitive in the market. But it is in demand and popular among traders. It should be noted that it works with trading platform MetaTrader. Good results are shown on currency pair dollar/ruble. This robot exists for a long time and that is why it can be found practically in the system of each trading terminal.
At the very beginning of its development the authors thought about introducing traders to the basics of working with trade advisers. But the testing process of this robot showed quite good results, which strongly depend on the functions’ settings and robot parameters.

Forex MACD Sample Consultant

Functional qualities of the advisor

MACD Sample consultant, on average, opens about 3-4 transactions per month, under conditions of classical settings. It is worth to note that during work with this robot the main indicator is MACD. With this indicator you can make right decisions and make profitable trades in the Forex market. Also, the trader should know that the indicator’s window does not open auto, it should be opened with the help of settings.

Indicators of take-profit should be set through 50 items. Depending on the settings this MACD Sample consultant can be configured in such a way that trader can deal with different currency pairs and time-frames. The average loss-making transactions reach 196 points. The main task of this adviser is to determine the further movement of positions.

Those, we can conclude that this Forex consultant is quite profitable and convenient in use. Most likely, the robot will serve those who are just starting their activity in Forex market.

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